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Thriving Through Self-Awareness - Private Coaching Package

Congratulations on taking this step on your wellness journey!

When health issues or chronic symptoms, fatigue or pain are a regular part of your life, it's common to feel confused and overwhelmed. Just when it seems you are having good days, you might be 'blindsided' by bad days.

This program is all about putting you first and becoming more self-aware of the signals your body is giving you so you can stop the cycle of setbacks and flare-ups. In addition to imagery exercises, a little meditation and journaling, you'll complete an inclusive symptom and trigger assessment. You'll also create you own, high-level flare-up management plan so you know exactly what actions to take when you begin to experience or are at risk of experiencing a flare-up.

This will help you better manage your well-being and better prevent impacts to your business and your ability to be there for your clients.

As you learn to better manage your well-being around flare-ups, you'll be in a better place to reduce or prevent impacts to your business and your ability to be there for your clients. You'll be on the road to greater success.

This program is part of The Power of I Can't® Series. In this private coaching package, you'll receive:

  • 1 Getting Started Session
  • 3 private sessions ranging from 60-90 minutes
  • A PDF workbook that is nearly 100 pages (you will have the option to purchase a print version)
  • You will create your own personal Flare-Up Management Plan that you can refer to time and time again in making decisions related to your life and business.

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What People Are Saying:

Comparing my ‘good’ and ‘bad’ times was enlightening. I now see how my all or nothing mindset has been holding me back.

I’m surprised I never saw all these connections between all of the components before. This process is really eye opening. I am more confident in limiting the effects of my flare-ups. Thank you Simone!

I am so grateful that I have met Simone when I did. Not only did she provide clarity and hope in a very dark time, but she had such a great structure to pick the challenges apart piece by piece. Going through her process felt so simple - identifying each symptom and understanding the triggers felt like I was just putting each piece in its place on the shelf. It was just what I needed to feel like I have a grasp on the situation. It allowed me to put my health first and still be able to work confidently understanding my ebbs and flows. Thank you, Simone, for helping me feel like myself again and feel more in control in this new phase of my life.


I feel like I can let go of being in denial. Instead of waiting to get better, I can focus on modifying my current activities to better support where I am at now and focus on living rather than waiting. Always waiting…