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The Power of I Can't® - Full Private Coaching Package

Congratulations on taking this step on your wellness journey with the 2 part program!

The Power of I Can’t® is a new mindset approach to expanding awareness, acknowledgment, and acceptance of your limitations, so you can finally gain the freedom and power that can only come from overcoming your obstacles and limitations!

In this program, you'll experience how freeing and empowering it is to accept your current limitations and say "I CAN'T!"

The Power of I Can’t® Program brings you from struggling from setback to setback to EMPOWERED! You'll work through 2 full programs over the course of 10 private sessions as shown below. You'll also receive a gift box with two printed workbooks (continental US).

Part I: Thriving Through Self-Awareness

In Thriving through Self-Awareness, Part One of The Power of I Can't® Series, you'll learn skills to help you become more self-aware of the signals your body is giving you so you can stop the cycle of setbacks and flare-ups that impact your life and business. This is one of my favorite programs because it can totally shift how we live and relate to our health challenges. Part I includes:

  • 4 private sessions ranging from 60-90 minutes
  • A journey through a workbook that is nearly 100 pages
  • You will create your own personal Flare-Up Management Plan that you can refer to time and time again in making decisions related to your life and business.

Part II: Overcome Your Obstacles and bonus sessions

In Part Two of The Power of I Can't® Series, Overcome Your Obstacles, you’ll learn how to identify and accept the limitations causing you setbacks, develop unique solutions with action plans, and overcome your challenges once and for all. Part II includes:

  • 4 private sessions focused on overcoming your obstacles
  • Reflective and strategical work through a 100-page workbook
  • You will create & prioritize your own solutions around your challenges
  • Lifetime access to "Overcome Your Obstacles & Limitations" online program
  • Bonus Session #1: Wellness Toolbox
  • Bonus Session #2: Dream Team

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What People Are Saying:

I feel like I can let go of being in denial. Instead of waiting to get better, I can focus on modifying my current activities to better support where I am at now and focus on living rather than waiting. Always waiting…