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Why it all starts with self-awareness...

When I started my first business, I focused solely on serving my clients and making a profit.

However, I was missing a BIG piece of the puzzle. I put everyone before me, and my health was suffering terribly. If you know my story, you already know I left my corporate career of nearly two decades due to health challenges.

I started my own business to better support my well-being. But I still had SO much to learn. In fact, I had to shut down that business three times in the first five years of my entrepreneurial career. 

Thankfully, my last shutdown was back in 2012! During that time, I learned to focus on self-awareness, and this enabled me to build my business and lifestyle around my needs. I learned how to build a strong foundation, set strong boundaries, and listen to my body for greater productivity. This allowed me to grow my marketing boutique business to 6-figures. 

But I knew there was something more. In 2017/2018, I became a caregiver for my father. In that process, I learned the invaluable life lesson that all that matters is the impact we have and the love we share. 

Since then, I have dedicated my work towards helping others achieve the same success I have enjoyed. Greater well-being. More business success. And a life with more peace and joy. 

If this sounds like the lifestyle you're interested in, I hope you'll follow along...


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